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Our tours:

Gulf Islands

This tour is open from the beginning of May to the end of October.
Imaging going up to the top of the mountain with woods, fresh air, spring water, camping along the way. Sounds great, right? There is more - once we reach the top of the mountain you will feast your eyes on the breathtaking view of Gul Islands from above.

Sunshine Coast

Warm, turquoise water. Indulge yourself in pleasure, while exploring the unique nature of the region. The history of this area is fascinating as well. Let us tell you all about it.

Puffin and Whale watching

Nowhere else in the world you would be able to see these gorgeous creatures so close. It gets better too - you will be able to observe puffins and whales from an original Newfoundland-style fishing vessel. This tour is available from June to September.

Okanagan Lake, British Columbia

This tour is all about the indigenous experience. First, you get to go through the sparsely inhabited, rural areas explore secluded lakes and valleys, and then, you will arrive at your grand destination - the Okanagan Lake. This is one of the quietest and yet remarkable places in the Universe.

South America

- an aspiring mixture of the slow-paced and fiery life

The route to Machu Picchu

These trips come in several variations, lasting from five to eight days. You will explore the area by a special, authentic ship, uncovering the history behind stone walls. The final point of the destination - magnificent Machu Picchu.

Amazon river expedition

What can be more breathtaking than going deep into the jungle, exploring the Amazon river by a small boat? Imagine deep green forests, dark blue water underneath and the cleanest air on Earth. This truly is a trip of the lifetime.

Ecuador by Train

This is one of the fastest ways to absorb all the beauty scatared around the immence land of Ecuador. You will see the "Route of the volcanoes", the acclaimed "Devil's Nose track", the National Park of Ecuador and many more.

Our company

is comprised of true experience adepts, which mean that we are crazy about new ways to explore. But we are also responsible for your safety .

- Be prepared! Remember food and water, and clothes to protect you from cold, heat and rain.

- Learn about the areas you plan to visit. Read books, check online and talk to people before you go. The more you know, the more fun you’ll have.

- Do not step on flowers or small trees. Once damaged, they may not grow back.

- Respect private property by staying on designated trails.

- Pack it in, Pack it out. Put litter–even crumbs, peels and cores–in garbage bags and carry it home.

- Keep water clean. Do not put soap, food, or human or pet waste in lakes or streams.

About us

We've been conducting tours and exploration throughout North and South America for more than seven years already.

The tours listed above are the most popular among our beloved clients, we can, however, craft any tour specifically to your needs. Duration, transportation, the number of people, specific spots you want to visit on your way. Don't hesitate to contact us. We can also create a trip from scratch, just for you!

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What our clients saying about us

I really did enjoy the Ecuador tour. Cannot believe I've managed to see everything I wanted in just under four days!
I didn't expect to have enough time to explore each place thoroughly, but surprisingly enough, it wasn't an issue.

Ricky Mcgill

My friends and I went on the Amazon exploration trip. It was surreal. Never in my life, have I seen anything quite like that. The fish, the jungles. Half a day into the trip it started raining. Heavily. But if anything it only added charm to the place. The rainbow afterward was mindblowing!

Ajay Valentine

I am just back from my third trip with this company. I've decided to set off to North America, specifically, Okanagan Lake.
The trip was rather different from the ones in South America. More tranquil, I guess - you almost feel, like meditating, getting in touch with nature and your inner self.
It was enjoyable.

Jeremy Simons

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